For the woman who decides what she wants to be, rather than heeding what she’s supposed to be. You embrace the unexpected. You explore your individuality. You acknowledge the power of sexy. Your style should reflect your daring spirit and unique character.

Delphine is elegant armour for confident, creative, ambitious women, equipping you with a lifestyle range for everyday occasions.

Blossoming from the heart of Melbourne in 2015, Delphine connects local street style with global trends for women of the world. With many new collections each season, we will arm you with fresh, unique wardrobe pieces to rely on and treasure. Delphine is a brand that reflects your ambitions. Whether you decide to dress up or style down, our clothes transcend personality, mood, and occasion, allowing room for individual expression and imagination.

Delphine is for the dreamer, the seductress, the driven. For the carvers of their own mark. For those who open their minds, but stay switched on; who keep their feet on the ground, but run fast; who have high expectations, and are ready to reveal the confident character within. Turn heads as you express your charm, your poise, your determination. Delight those who recognise your courage, and fascinate the rest.

Dress for the dreams you work hard to achieve.

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