Adine Undone

Adine is the founder & creative director of ADINE UNDONE. New Zealand born & Australian raised, she is an ex model who from the 90’s to 2010, lived and worked between Paris, Milan & Los Angeles finally settling down in Venice where she put modelling aside to begin her journey in fashion design, learning the very basics of pattern making and sewing at an Italian Fashion Tech course.

Adine fell passionately in love with design and created a small atelier from where she created her first pieces that were picked up by an Italian showroom who introduced them directly to the European market.

A subscriber of ‘undone is sexy’ Adine who now currently lives in Bali, brings a distinct style and sensibility to the pieces she designs and hand crafts with her locally selected Balinese artisans skilled in handiwork & dyeing, processes she loves to play around with to achieve raw authenticity.

With a passion for creating in the moment instead of simply following trends, Adine’s collections imbue an ageless quality, with each piece feeling fashionable yet never fleeting. Sumptuous, silky soft jerseys and knits, washed-out hand dyed colors intertwine with subtly androgynous edgy undone easy to wear silhouettes, marking Adine’s signature sexy ‘off-duty’ look.

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